What Is VoIP
Here's How VoIP Works...

"Voice-over internet protocol," or VoIP, is a system that converts analog signals to digital so that telephone calls can be made over the Internet. Why do this? Imagine no more phone lines. Imagine losing service in a storm, or due to downed power lines. Now imagine that despite this, all your calls still being answered. Imagine your phone bills costing half of what they are today.

VoIP is all about standards. So how can one VoIP system be very different from the others? Our system is built using industry-standard components and protocols and is fully standards-compliant. But we also use a unique, patent-pending Blended Architecture that provides users with an end-to-end, fully managed and monitored system that uses about one-half of the bandwidth of competitive systems.

Star2Star's Blended Architecture puts resources where they make the most sense. Features and functions that require heavy-duty storage or processing power are hosted at one of our data centers. The critical voice application is managed on the customer's premise using our StarBox Cloud Connection Manager.

Star2Star delivers unparalleled flexibility and reliability, formerly available only in systems costing tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The on-premise StarBox Cloud Connection Manager, the IP telephone sets, the hosted services, and our VoIP telephone service are very tightly integrated with one another. We maintain control over and continuously monitor all elements of each customer's system, and our StarWatch monitoring system uses automated sonic testing to spot small problems before they turn into large problems.

Our unique Blended Architecture requires an equally unique business model.

Star2Star customers deal with one provider, receive one monthly bill, and have one number to call for service. We didn't create a new business model just to be different. We did it because it is the only way to guarantee customers the same type of seamless, "it just works" experience that they've come to expect.

For a detailed description of our system architecture, please download our Star2Star Blended Architecture whitepaper.

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